Amazing UFO Event! Illuminati Triangle in clouds, Cloaked UFO?2015

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01/11/15 - I recorded an amazing triangle object, that seemed cloaked in clouds. I still don`t know if the objet is man-made or from outer space. But I`m sure of one thing: this is not natural. A cloud can`t naturally have such a shape. It`s impossible. A few minutes earlier, I saw an oval-shaped object far in the sky, but couldn`t record it, it was almost already gone. Is there a link between the oval and the triangle? I guess yes. The oval could be the eye, and the triangle would represent the pyramid... You see what I`m talking about? This is just my hypothesis. It could be something else. But there`s something weird going on. Type ➫ Cloud-like object Scale ➫ ~ 500m - 700m long Duration ➫ ~ A minute Color(s) ➫ White / Grey Light(s) ➫ None Speed ➫ Slow Filmed with ➫ Canon M52 Filmed by me near the the Mount Valerian, near Paris, France, 2015.