USAf Jets Attack UFO

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Real UFO Footage USAF Fighter Jets vs UFO | OVNI (UFO) sobre Toledo Spain | UFO sightings 2016

When I first posted this video of the Air Force engaging a UFO, I felt convinced that this was real UFO footage, and many who have witnessed this UFO Video are convinced we are being visited by beings not of this world - extraterrestrials. Though many who see the video are not convinced it is not an edited together hoax. And the reality is that a significant number of reported UFO Sightings, and certainly of reports filed with MUFON are fabrications or just jokes to the people who fill out the online form to Report a UFO Sighting.

And certainly of the few messages I get a month regarding Sightings by my readers, it may be a bit of a wasted effort, but that doesn't mean that someone wouldn't go to the trouble either. Still: here's what I would like from the viewing public, as you look over this video supposedly from the United States Military on a scramble to intercept a UFO:

I am unfamiliar with these planes or the location they are in, so if anyone can help me that way, that would be a good start in investigating this video. If there's any way I could possibly track down this Pilot, that would be my ultimate goal. Or if anyone viewing this is or knows a military pilot who would be willing to talk with me on conditions of anonymity, I would appreciate you sharing this video or my site with them It seem that my best bet is to go right to the source, if perhaps the source would be willing to talk to me - even if only to say "I can't talk about that specifically."