Several UFO Clips I Put Together For The Travel Channel

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Date Added2 year(s) ago
These clips were all shot from my backyard here in Las Vegas, Nevada between March and December of 2015. Surprisingly I will be filming this Saturday when the Travel Channel comes to my home to film an interview with me on Las Vegas and UFOs. I honestly don`t know what to expect. The folks that are coming are from the UK. I was supposed to have done this a couple days ago, but the timing was real bad as both my wife and I were sick with nasty head colds. Thankfully I am better now. I thought it would be easy to go back and assemble some great clips for them, but it actually turned out to be extremely difficult. I did get some good ones in, but I have so many videos that I didn`t know where to begin. Hopefully, they will find this video useful and if not they can scour my YouTube Channel for better clips. Anyway, I still wanted to share this with all of you. If the interview gets aired it won`t be for six or seven months and would be the first time I have ever been on TV LOL.