Orb UFO stalking Chinook helicopter Stephenville Texas NEW 12/16

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Ufo left (white) helicopter right (black) On 12/16/15 in Glen Rose Tx by Stephenville TX me and a coworker heard a helicopter at which time I stepped out to see a Chinook being observed by a large orb light UFO that was NOT the moon it was mid-day and moon was on opposite side of sky. about 100 ft diameter it was higher than the Chinook. No doubt it was a UFO and the orbs are seen in TX frequently it had a multi-color shimmer not seen by camerai used a 480p crap Android camera so I apologize that I wasn`t able to get better zoom or quality but of course when there`s a decent sighting the quality sucks I zoomed and filtered video to make it more visible using phone app but nothing was changed otherwise. For licensing contact aaronsleblanc89@gmail.com UFO, orb UFO, Chinook, helicopter, Texas UFO, Texas, Stephenville, Glen Rose, unidentified flying object.