Orb UFO stalking Chinook helicopter Stephenville Texas NEW 12/16

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Ufo left (white) helicopter right (black) On 12/16/15 in Glen Rose Tx by Stephenville TX me and a coworker heard a helicopter at which time I stepped out to see a Chinook being observed by a large orb light UFO that was NOT the moon it was mid-day and moon was on opposite side of sky. about 100 ft diameter it was higher than the Chinook. No doubt it was a UFO and the orbs are seen in TX frequently it had a multi-color shimmer not seen by camerai used a 480p crap Android camera so I apologize that I wasn`t able to get better zoom or quality but of course when there`s a decent sighting the quality sucks I zoomed and filtered video to make it more visible using phone app but nothing was changed otherwise. For licensing contact UFO, orb UFO, Chinook, helicopter, Texas UFO, Texas, Stephenville, Glen Rose, unidentified flying object.