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Mysterious Structure and Possible Underground Base Found in Desert of (Cairo) Egypt on Google Earth. In this part of the desert in Egypt, about 50 km from the city of Cairo in Egypt, Matteo Ianneo has observed through his studies, this geometric structure that has attracted his attention. It is obviously not an old structure, because in 2009 it was not visible on Google Earth. It could possibly be a secret (underground) military base. According to Matteo his analysis, he believes that the structure is hidden under the surface, in the sand, perhaps even the strong winds were able to discover a structure that did not want to be viewed from above, especially from satellites, which is unlikely because of the public roads leading to it. There are entrances of access, 4 inputs on the second structure and a large entrance hall on the first. The shape of the structure is very particular, it may also be a missile base, or a base of nuclear origin. What Do You Think About This?