Case 60850 - Taipei, Taiwan

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Date Added2 year(s) ago
Unedited Witness Statement: Hello Mufon My name is [Name removed/cms/tg] I have witness 8~10 UFo flying . I was on the air plane of Eva Airline. from Vancouver Canada to Taipei, Taiwan BR0009 it was Oct16 5am.. 30 mins before landing first clip was only 5 seconds, I saw a bright light flying under. 2nd picture i saw 3 UFO in my camera 3rd video I have is 38 seconds. about 8 UFo flying under the plane [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] and i used SLOW MOTION of iphone 5s to film the 36 s video until they asked me to shut down my camera due to landing policy here is the videos and pix in my drop box [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] feel free to download.. thank you location is at the North East of Taiwan. Witness Media Agreement to show this video is on file with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).